Agribooth Introductory Video


My name is Raymond Chen, a Chinese-Filipino by birth but a Nigerian at heart. Having lived in Nigeria for over 27 years without any intention of living elsewhere, I feel it is only right that I do the little I can to develop Nigeria. Since the Oil Boom, Nigeria has shifted away from agriculture and now that the global oil prices are falling, everyone is rushing back into agriculture. This is good news, HOWEVER, modern agriculture is highly capital intensive and as such most farmers and agriculturists cannot to purchase the necessary equipment. This is where Agribooth steps in. Agribooth is a one stop platform for everything agriculture and we shoulder the burden of procuring the equipment and inputs so we can lease to farmers at affordable rates.

Agribooth Mission: To provide equipment, information and inputs to farmers and agricultural enthusiasts at affordable prices wherever, whenever while working in conjunction with the various governments and other agricultural companies.

Agribooth Vision: To be a world leader in improving the face of modern agriculture.

Agribooth is centered on these key components:

-Affordability: We know most farmers are poor, and so we ensure that our prices do not in any way cause any inconvenience to those who require our services.

-Availability: As a result of having a large pool of equipment, we can guarantee farmers will have the equipment at any time they may need. Booking on our platform is easy and hassle free.

-Variety: Our aim is to satisfy ALL farmer´s needs. We have the following services: Agrihire which focuses on leasing of equipment; Agrishop which focuses on sales of equipment and input; Agrinews which provides farmers with news in the palm of their hands; Agripedia which farmers can turn to for information on crops they are growing and lastly we have Agriforum which is a platform for farmers to interact with one another across the globe.

-Job Creation: Due to the large number of equipment we have and the number of branches we intend to have, we will be creating over 1000 jobs (skilled and unskilled) for indigenes of Nigeria.

This VIDEO shows how seamless using our application is.

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