Top 5 business opportunities in the tomato industry


It’s obvious that among the variety of vegetables grown in Nigeria, tomato stands to be the most important and use both on a small and large scale.

The demand for tomato keeps increasing because of the continued increase in population.

The reason is with over 160 million in population can hardly do without it every day as they consumed it in a different form.

The business opportunities in the tomato industry can help in reducing unemployment because its production, handling, transportation, distribution and marketing created jobs to a large number of people.

Whichever way the industry also contributes to the economic growth.

 Top 5 business opportunities in the tomato industry

Tomato farm

Tomato farm is the type of farm that’s cultivated throughout Nigeria at a different level. Some do it in their backyard, in a greenhouse or an open field.

These farms produce fresh tomato for consumption or as raw materials for companies. Whichever way you do, you still can get the customers you need for the product.

One vital point here is to develop a farm that will produce the tomatoes even in out of season. That’s when the use of the green house is deployed.

The greenhouse helps to maintain the temperature, prevent the tomatoes from insects and ensure it keeps the production all year round. 

Tomato product

You can start a company that creates processed tomato products. These products are becoming popular especially in areas where cultivating the tomato seems difficult.

Some example of such products is canned tomato, Sun-dried tomato, Tomato juice, Tomato paste, Tomato_pomace”pomace, Tomato purée, Tomato sauce, Tomato seed oil.

These products are mostly canned and sealed to ensure it last no matter what

Once created, you can build a network of distribution to make the product available to consumers. Your business is equally creating jobs as well.

Tomato market

You can decide to join the business by selling tomato either the fresh one and or the processed product. You build a link with the producers of the product (fresh or processed) to distribute the product for you.

Greenhouse material supply

Start the supply of the materials for the setup of the green house. Some of the materials are as polycarbonate panels, Galvanized Conduit, greenhouse film and plastic.

Rent out land for tomato farmers

If you have a land that will be fit for the farming of tomato and you’re not ready to use it, you can rent it out.

Sell of tomato seed

Provide the seeds or seedling for the tomato. Getting a good variety and selling it to people will keep others coming.

The business opportunities in the tomato industry are huge. With the nature of the demand for the product, investors can invest in the business to further increase the availability of the product and create more jobs.


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