Fluted pumpkin

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2 on August 15, 2017

The fluted pumpkin i planted is seriously not doing well. Many of them are yellowish in color even after urea fertilizer I applied. Some of them have brownish docts on the leaves while some are dying.
What could be the issue

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1 on October 20, 2017

Unlike a nutrient deficiency, whose symptoms are often distributed symmetrically in plant tissue, pest problems tend to develop in asymmetrical patterns. That includes damage by insects as well as leaf spots, a common indication of fungal or bacterial disease in plants.

Insect damage can lead to chlorosis in affected leaves, but it can also be managed safely with nontoxic methods like insect-repelling plants, neem oil and organic pesticides. Most garden bugs are harmless or even helpful, though.

There are several safe ways to control fungi in the garden, from crop rotation to baking-soda spray, but one of the first steps is often to manage soil moisture. Plants need water to grow, of course, but too much water can create favorable conditions for fungal pathogens.

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