ICT and Agriculture.

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What are the ways ICT can transform Nigeria’s economy?

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Publicity: The world is now fast becoming a global village whereby you can be in Nigeria and yet participating in an ongoing events in France or Canada, events such as : Agricultural conferences or seminar, symposium, workshop, summit  e.t.c. All these can be done in real time with internet aided facilities with which Nigeria’s farmers that are well informed and enlightened can benefit from it, by so doing other farmers at the rural community level can also get trained by the enlightened ones, they can as well put it into practice at their various levels. Social media has really been of help during our generation, I always say that our generation is blessed and more opportune; we are well informed than any previous generations that have ever been in existence.

GPS Innovation: ICT can help immensely in agriculture transformation and one of the various ways is the innovation and usage of GPS (Global  Positioning System), the use of the GPS makes practical a systematic  sampling of an agricultural field of any size or shape. With portable software, so that soil sample may be taken. With systematic soil samples, the appropriate amount of fertilizer can be applied to different part of the field. The use of the GPS can easily pay for it self  in the cost of saving on fertilizer and other chemicals. Once crop is planted, the same GPS guided procedure can be used to survey the plant disease or insect. Data on field size and needs size can be collected and available computer software used to calculate the materials list for the treatment of the field.

Data Storage: This is another way ICT can transform agriculture, keeping the records of agricultural produce goes beyond manual handling sometimes, data add a powerful dimension to agriculture. Livestock  is a good example  of data storage: keeping the data of animals, birth rate , mortality rate , till the time day grow for sales will help in detailing running cost of Agricultural produce, this process can be carried out by using software packages like: Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft Access e.t.c.

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